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Trisha @ Vignette

What a lovely cottage you have captured with your photographs - it looks so bright and airy! Sounds like a relaxing place to spend the weekend with family. And those flower crowns are simply gorgeous!


Back in 2005, we went to Tybee on our honeymoon (pretty sure I shared this on your IG feed too)! You've brought me back; we also enjoyed the Crab Shack. Man, I love the South! We live in Cincy, Ohio, and are itching for some salt and sand too. Good luck finding a place to stay this summer! xo

dervla @ the curator

these photos are amazing, what a trip you had.

jen a

Trisha - aren't they amazing? My cousin made them for herself and Aela - they were incredible!

Jill - still dreaming about The Crab Shack ;)

Dervla - thank you!

Jeane M.

That seafood makes me crave. Lovely photos in here.


The Crab Shack is one of my family's favorites. Ah, you are making me miss home!

Golden Sun Resto

Love the crab shack, we used to go there before I started my own Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area.

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