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Jade Sheldon

Well, this is just the sweetest thing. Can't wait to throw parties like this for my own little ones...


This is just so lovely and well executed. Makes me wish I was a kid again and laugh for hours while in a twinkle light blanket fort.



Karly K

This is the awesomest party theme I've seen in awhile! As a nine yr old who loved girl scout camp in the summers, this would have (still does) blown my mind! The dream hut makes it girly and a little boho too :)


so cool. and really inspiring!

jen a

Thank you Ladies! Adie is still talking about it ;)


wishing i was 9!


So so dreamy and way too adorable!!!


AMAZING job!!! Your kids are lucky!


As a veteran birthday party thrower (is that a word?), I applaud you! Seriously, the details in this one amaze me! I really love the theme. So lovely for the age too.

jen a

Thank you all - it was quite a party - the girls are asking when we'll do it again ;)


you blow me away jen! this is amazing...truly :) you have inspired me. i have followed you for a bit over and ig and your photography and blog continue to inspire me for some time now. just wanted to come out of 'shy-ville' and say hello, and a thanks! this party blew my socks off and your girls are so blessed to have you to call mama. xoxo

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