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Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ

This looks like a book my family will love!! Photos are stunning.


as always your photos are beautiful! i'd love to win it exectly for our anniversary (28 years!). would you send it to europe?


Crackers always remind me fondly of the first - very impromptu date - with my Mr. It was almost Christmas, we had finished our exams and had spent the evening wondering around the German market sipping mulled wine. As the stalls closed and the crowds dispersed, we decided to go back to his house to continue celebrations. Nerves kicked in as we reached his front door, I'd never met any of his housemates before ... however, as soon as I had a foot in the door, I was greeted with a plate, a knife and a smorgasbord of cheese, crackers, chutney and fruit. I felt instantly at home, we chatted about the importance of late night 'cracker-time' and shared stories whilst piling thick slices of cheddar onto biscuits - 3 years later and it seems I forgot to leave.


tami - yes i would! just tell me a good story ;)


when we're hosting a gathering, I feel like I'm always searching around for these types of recipes. I'd love to win a copy! The photo-styling and the illustrations are just simply GORGEOUS. Great work!!


I love the chalkboard idea! It's original and perfect for this kind of "no hassle" recipes!

Sarah m

I *love* crackers, and one of my favorite snacks to eat in college (okay, ahem, meals) was crackers, provolone cheese, and Pink Lady apples. I ate it for lunch every weekday for 4 years! Now that I am gluten-free, I really need to make my own!
Sarah M


When moving from NC to Boston a few years ago, I stopped over at my cousin Danilo's house in DC to break up the trip. I got in late at night and went straight to bed, and the next morning, Danilo, his Wife Margereta and their girls Kari and Anna had a "Peasant's Breakfast" ready when I got up. Margereta proceeded to explain that it was a family tradition in Norway and then the girls taught me the names of all the meats, cheeses, dips, spreads, and breads.
I don't remember any of the food names, but I still remember "Jeg elsker deg" (say it like: "ya-aile schedaye"), which means "I love you."


well, what can be more suitable than this:
in our honeymoon in tel aviv, almost 28 years ago (next week),we were checking different restaurants in the area.
one evening we went to a mexican...
i ordered some quite naive crackers and dip and he ordered some soup.
without even tasting, i asked him to switch with me, i liked the smell and look of the soup. well, just married, very much in love... off course he switched with me.
but since then, he never agreed again
! it was so hot, and although he likes very much spicy food, he started sweating and was red like a tomato.
but, nevertheless we are still married!

Cassie S

This looks like a great book. The pictures are stunning. My husband and I love to snack on things like this with a good glass of wine.

Jillian P

Crackers and dip take me back to my childhood when I’d tag along with my dad to the grocery on the weekends. We’d pick up the freshest catch to grill for Sunday dinner, usually halibut , along with my favorite part of the trip, some type of seafood dip the gracious man behind the counter would let us sample with a heaping plastic spoonful. I couldn’t wait to get home and dig into that dip, accompanied by salty Wheat Thins, no less. I remember the taste of dill and the crunch of cucumber well. It probably was imitation crab, but I was a child in mayonnaise heaven. :)


any thing served on a blue patterned plate has me saying YES... great giveaway thanks for the viewing...


We always have several boxes of crackers in the pantry. After a big lunch sometimes crackers and dip are a perfect small dinner. Thanks for the opportunity!


I love LOVE those cute chalk illustrations! Did you do them yourself? This looks like a fantastic cookbook.


This book looks amazing and I can't wait for it to come out! Also, beautiful photos!

Kaitlin Jenkins

These are just the types of recipes that my hubby and I love to use for entertaining a few friends over a movie or other activity.

I love that crackers and dips are just so casual, but always delicious! They're easy to prep beforehand, and if someone wants to bring something it's easy to assign out a quick dip and side for them to bring.

We try to still incorporate a lot of healthy fats, fruits, and veggies into our dips, so I'm just certain this book would provide some great inspiration for us to switch things up.

Some friday nights this is how we do dinner too, so carefree I love it!


The book looks amazing!


Excellent book. Since we are a cracker family this will be ideal for us to make these rather than eating the store ones!


oh, i love this book! and i would love to win it. thank you for this opportunity :)


this looks lovely. when my son was two years old, my best friend brought her son around on new year`s eve as she wanted to go to a party.noone could understand that i would rather spend that evening with two toddlers, but for me it was sheer bliss:she brought me a huge platter with all kinds of crackers and dips (she`s really good at stuff like this) and i munched my way through them as i watched a movie to then start off the new year with finishing off this platter and kissing two adorable, sleepy little boys. still remember that night fondly:)
best from berlin, anja ([email protected]


I simply devour cookbooks with gorgeous pictures! Thanks for letting me know about this one!

Cindy Bandemer

So psyched! What a great offer...just what we need for our monthly multi-family game nights!!! The next one is happening March 2...hint, hint.

Thanks for offering.


Great post! I love the photos with the chalk drawings and, of course, the food looks delicious...


My favorite kind of eating! What a beautiful book!


Would love the book for a gift to a good friend of mine.

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