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Marinated meat on bread ... you had me at hello.


liked your jewish humor!
is it ok for the fresh meet to be so long uncooked?


hi tami - yes - buy it fresh and cube it that day - then letting it sit for 48 hours in the marinade is just fine - but no longer!

Rose D. Frenchtown, NJ

My hubby will love this!!! Great to see a new recipe from you. You have been missed!


rose - you are the sweetest - thanks for always being here! xx


i LOVE your blog, honey. . .happy to see that the spiedies made it!!! thank you sooo much. . .i love YOU, mama

Jillian P

These look soooo awesome! Would they make a good party food to prepare right before guests arrive as in, ok to serve not piping hot, right off the grill? Maybe I could just individually wrap the skewers in foil. Also, what type of cast iron griddle do you like? I'm always willing to pay for the next kitchen tool that makes delicious treats like these!


I,too had my first spiedie at Sharkey's, when dating my husband. Spiedies are a very big part of the Binghamton culture. They are a staple in our diet and we never grow tired of them, it's not a cook-out without spiedies! They're a great topper for a tossed green salad too.

jen a

Love you Mama!

Jillian - We have the Lodge cast iron flat top - works perfectly for these - and YES - piping hot is always good ;)

Jane - we've done the same with the leftovers as salad toppers - if there ever is any!


A dear friend of mine is from Binghamton and has been living in Portland, OR for 7 years. She's often spoke of this illusive marinade called Spiedies. It honestly is one of the things she misses most about upstate life. Her mom even sent out a care package of the marinade, unfortunately it broke open in transit. I randomly ran across the recipe on your blog and decided to surprise her with a batch of chicken skewers. After a single bite, she was instantly transported to Binghamton. She told me I nailed it and she was over the moon to taste the authentic tangy goodness known as Spiedies. Thanks for breaking it down. I am hooked now, too!

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