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oami powers

I fell hard for the Triangle when we moved here 2.5 years ago. Asheville though, you all have some crazy good food. Have only tried Early Girl from this list so will have to make notes for our next venture up that way. Last time I was there I ate at Plant - I'm not vegan but I LOVED it. So delicious.


I just moved up to Asheville after starting college at UNCA and this list is so nice to see! I've heard a lot about some of these places and have even passed by some others, so this list really inspires me to make sure I visit them. :) Thanks for posting. Your blog is great.

Emily Azz

I secretly envy your oldest daughter's hair. Perhaps that crossed some sort of line, but I love your food and love your photos.
Vegan for life :-)


jen a

oami - i've heard great thinks about plant - i need to check them out!

liz - enjoy exploring!

emily - ha! me too - she wants to cut it all off and i won't let her ;)


Very cool. Chris and I was smiling when I saw your little stint in Martha this month.

jen a

thank you love! when are coming down to see us?? hoping this tempts you ;) xo

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

yum! we've lived in the Asheville area (in Black Mt now) for a little over ten years and have a long and growing list of restaurants we want to try. Today we gave The Asheville Public a go and had an amazing meal there. (cheese plate, kale salad, corn/clam/poblano chowder, sandwiches.... yum) The chocolate lounge is of course one of my favorites as well.... can't get enough of their indian kulfi truffles.

as a Black Mt resident, I am mourning the loss of Blackbird, as it was my favorite place to go here in town..... but I suppose it's not SO far to travel ;)

(I've read your blog before and didn't realize you were around here.... sweet)

jen a

amanda - the move is bittersweet for us as well - so many memories at that location! and we love the public too - the girls adore the grilled nutella sandwich ;)


I too am new to the Asheville area and love the eateries you have mentioned. Annie’s Bread bakes the breads for a few of them. We at Annie’s are so proud of our beautiful breads and would love for you to visit us.

Jenn Falk

Ooh, SO lovely. I have to visit there someday. And go to that chocolate shop! xox


I had no idea you shot for that article in Martha. It is so nice to hear you gush on so many of our favorite places as well. Beautiful post, as usual!


Congrats on MSL. I'm behind on my mag reading so I haven't seen it yet. Made challah for the first time in several years (didn't have a good oven in new house - but now I have a new one). Anyway, I always think of you and your challah lesson when I do. So glad you are happy. Xoxo

weight loss Fairfax

I have to check out there at some point. And go to that delicious chocolate shop!

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