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Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Your family is beautiful.


That avocado tempura taco sounds divine. Your girls are precious and I love and miss the ocean.


If you go back next summer eat at Jestine's Kitchen. My favorite place in Charleston


The ocean does a truly amazing thing for my soul, too, I love how you put it-"quells the fires..." even if just for the moment and a few after.. I miss it and feel the pull of it's magic all the time. These photos are amazing, Jen! Such a keen eye for good light, and this film is perfect. I love the one of *one of your girls out-of-focus in the distance-just sublime. Wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to share this lovely post. :)


love this post!! xoxo

jen a

rose and giulia - thank you so much!

shelby - we are heading back in january - just added to my list - thank you!

mia - thank you love - it feels so good to be giving that camera the attention it deserves again. xo

jen - thanks babe! can't wait to hear about maine! xo


I love this! I've only been to Charleston once but it really does seem to win over everyone who visits. :)

Have you been to the Outer Banks in NC? If you're looking for a place to rent a house...Duck / Corolla are our family's favorites (less touristy than the southern Outer Banks). The houses are surrounded by dunes, you buy groceries for the week and it's just you and the water. (And there are cute villages, docks, places to bike, lighthouses...pretty magical).

jen a

Hi Sally,

We have! Every winter my family rents a house in Rodanthe - it's one of my favorite places in the world - I spent time as an infant there while my dad was the Commanding Officer of a small Navy Base in Hatteras. Have you tried the Hatteras Flats at Cafe 12? I made them here:


SO good! ;)



Oh, awesome! Sorry, guess I should have given your blog a quick search before assuming. ;) Just love obx so much that I spread the love. And that looks delicious!


These photos are just gorgeous Jen! Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time. :)


Where are those adorable sandals from? The ones your precious girls are wearing. I'm sure my daughter would love them.

jen a

thank you ashley - it was amazing.

judy - they are Salt Waters - we love them - they are leather, but waterproof - i even have a pair!

Claudia Annie



If you ever want a peach you will literally dream about for the rest of your natural life, get yourself to Georgia in early July, go to a U-pick orchard, and gorge on dead-ripe white peaches right off the tree 'til you're sick. I make the 9-hour drive to Macon, GA from central NC as often as I can - just for the peaches. You have NEVER eaten a peach until you've eaten a true GA peach!!! And then you'll forever be tormented, longing for more!

jen a

beth - as neither a georgian or a south carolinian i can not rightfully debate one over the over. that said - you've totally made me want to take a road trip to macon!! lol! it's now on my calendar for next july - thank you!

Debbie Ealer

Charleston is so special. We went to folly beach and I was in heaven. Glad you all had a good trip :)

oami powers

I'm from California and living in NC. I just found your blog recently, but I love the way you describe your fantasy of the south (me too), the heat, the sea. You hit it on the nose.

 homes for sale in charleston sc

Thank you for sharing your trip with us. It seems like you all had a really good time. I am thinking about moving to Charleston and want to gather as much information about the city as possible. I know it has a very historical background but I am searching for more details. Thanks!

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