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Warm runny jam over ice cream is heaven!

jen a

susanne - YES! we plan on glazing ribs with it as well!


beautiful post!


LOOOOOOOOVE the second photo. So Secret Garden-esque.

Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

I originally saw your jam photos on Twitter and it got me in the mood to make some!!! Hoping mine turns out well. Absolutely beautiful post!!


That black rose jam sounds delightful! I usually stir in my alcohol into my hot jam right before putting it in jars. Otherwise it seems like such a waste! Some of my favorite combos are black berry cointreau jam, raspberry amaretto jam, and sometimes I just add elderberry liquour (I use St~Germains) to whatever I making. It pairs well with everything, I swear!

jen a

thank you joy!

stephanie - YES - same think i thought when i saw her peeking through at me...

thank you rose - good luck with it!

cinnamon - st. germains in jam - oh my heavens yum!


hooray for jam making! jen, i really have been enjoying the book, canning for a new generation, by liana krissoff. lots of great recipes! think...cardamom plum jam and tarragon persian pickles.
as always, thanks for sharing. we still have some raspberries left at the bellevue farm so i think that nectar is begging to be made. xo.

jamie @ green beans & grapefruit

Wonderful post!

Sascha Mills


I have been a follower of your Nectar & Light blog for the past year but I had no idea that you have this blog (until I clicked on a link today)and what a delightful surprise! It is really nice to see this other part of your family life and of course the beautiful photos! Both blogs are so well done! You are truly an inspiration!



I just discovered the joy of jam-making last year and think the trial and error is part of the fun but my go to for inspiration is Christine Ferber's Mes Confitures.
Beautiful site by the way. I signed up for the class you're teaching at Delancey this fall and was happy to find this space.

jen a

anna - thank you so much for the recommendation - going to check that one out. just came back from south carolina with an arm load of peaches to play with!

thank you jamie!

sascha - i'm so happy you found your way over - thank you!

erin - thanks for recommendation! sadly, i'm not teaching anything at delancy - maybe someday! ;)

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