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This post just made me super happy for many reasons.
You guys are having the summer I long for and miss so badly. Those photos are divine- going to get on mine! ;)
You've inspired me, love. Thank you.


and that burger sounds delicious! When we come hang with you guys in Asheville some day, you are making that for us!


These polaroids are fantastic


Love your pics and your music offerings! thanks.


Love the vintage feeling in these pics! :-)

Red Star to Lone Star

Wow, this is definitely the burger we'll try. Half of our food comes from the grill these days of summer too :)

jen a

amanda - love you! and i will TOTALLY make you that burger - get on down here!

beth, erica and tinajo - thank you so, so much! feels good to be shooting that camera regularly again.

red star - let me know what you think!


Oh man, that burger sounds so delicious. Must put on the To Grill list!


There are so many charming South Carolina beach towns, hopefully your next experience will be a good one. The Folly house looks to die for!


My sentiments exactly on Myrtle. Despite the sprawl, your pics are gorgeous and timeless as usual. Folly is a VERY wise choice. We vacation on Isle of Palms/Sullivan's Island multiple times a year and love it. Charleston area beaches rock steady.

white ceramic

It seems a happy summer meal. By the way, I really like the soundtracks. Good taste.Thanks for sharing the post

jen a

thank you lucy and cinnamon!

rachel - YES. might try a quick couple days at Isle of Palms before the girls go back...

thank you WC!


I'm so glad to see you back on the blog! It's good you were able to experience Myrtle. It's a place you go once to say you've been! Charleston is my beach of choice. I'm in the upstate of SC and it's just a 3.5 hour jaunt from us. We go all the time and the food is out of this world! Check out the Morris Island Lighthouse on Folly Beach while you are there. You won't be disappointed.


We spent a lovely week on Ocracoke Island in North Carolina a few summers ago. It was very relaxed, gorgeous beaches, and definitely no skeeball! Also, quite reasonably priced (we rented a house through VRBO)

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