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Oooo. That is all my favorite ingredients in one drink. Yummy! Two quick questions, if you have time:

What do you use to make espresso at home?

And do you mind if your images are Pinned? I've been doing it already, but I should've asked first! My apologies.

jen a

cinnamon - as long as you are pinning directly from the blog - yes, pin away - thank you for asking!

we use a stove top bialetti (as pictured above) and love it!

Clarisse from Ramblingmuse.com

Wow... not to sound mean or anything but does that even taste good? I have recently seen all sort of morning shakes/ smoothies and they just make me want to go back to good old omelettes or other egg dishes. Just saying...


jen a

clarisse - ha! i wouldn't drink it if i didn't like it ;) everyone's palate is unique - some people can throw back kale smoothies with gusto - i on the other hand don't like them at all. to each their own!


love the metal straw...


I do love a good bagel with heavy amounts of cream cheese, but I suppose it does weigh me down more than pick me up. This looks like a delicious meal on the go!

jen a

thanks tifanie - it was a leftover from a shoot years ago - i just love it!

kale - me too - but daaaamn it's delicious ;)


This looks great! I used to make a similar smoothie, except instead of almonds and half and half I used about 1 cup of soy milk. I can personally vouch that the flavors blend well!

If you have time, try checking out my cooking blog--some of its pretty decadent but I try to incorporate healthy stuff on occasion! These muffins may meet your healthy breakfast needs: http://www.perennial-blog.com/2012/03/pineapple-upside-down-breakfast-muffins.html

Megan Custy Lee

Mmmmmm, enjoying this as I type. I only used 1/4 t. Of salt and added some whey protein powder to conteract the affects of that much espresso, I don't love feeling jittery;) it's delicious and I feel like this could easily be enough for two people. Thanks for the yummy idea!

Molly Alone

this sounds delish! love the idea of coffee and bananas!

Thyme (Sarah)

That 'pick me up' looks delicious. My son is always asking me to fix him some sort of 'smoothie' for breakfast and I just haven't gotten around to it. Congratulations on your new role with DesignSponge.

Hillary Butler {Fine Art}

This with your avocado toast sounds like the PERFECT breakfast to me. I'm an espresso junkie so what better way to have it more often! Thanks for sharing!


Made this today and turned out great....Thanks.

PS: Love the metal spoon/ straw?

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