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sweet road

Oh my gosh these photos are amazing. I couldn't tell where exactly they were from at first, but I knew I was falling in love. Then I read your post and I almost died... I've been wanting to go to Morocco so badly and these photos make me want to go so much more!!

p.s. Those goats are adorable. One day I'll own a farm with some little goats... maybe not mountain goats though.


These photos are great! Makes me want to travel...

Jade Sheldon

Just, wow...


These are gorgeous! is that a baby goat?! love him. Happy 8th Birthday, Adie!! I can't believe it either. so grown up.


magical. love the colors of Morocco! are those goats balancing on branches? wow.

Jennifer Blume

Wow! I'm sooo glad I'm not the only one to create soundtracks to various adventures in my life. I find it a great way to share an experience with others and create a vibe. Love it!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar

Morocco is such a treat for the senses - all those colours, textures and patterns - divine!

kale @ tastes good to me!

These photos are so, so stunning!

Robina Lewis

Love the photos and your playlist. Joined spotify so I could listen to it.


These photos are amazing! What are they taken with? Polaroid? I'm dying to know...


jen a

thank you so much all!

faith - just my iphone and uploaded with instagram ;)

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