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Wow Jen, you are quite the world traveler! Wishing you very safe travels and loads of fun!

btw, I had a dream last night that we met and you had adorable Eve with you. I had the cutest little kitten and you took an instagram of it curled up in my hands! so funny :)

Miss Pickering

I need to go to this room.

I also need to make this cocktail, tea and gin. What's not to love?

Safe travels.

Claudia Annie

wow che delizia! Meravigliosa, questa ricetta :) Un bacio!


I'm surprised you didn't put any will oldham (aka bonnie prince billy) on that mix! :)

Iris @ the yummyblogsisters

great playlist! makes me homesick for the time when I lived in scotland. There's bottle of Hendrick's gin in my cupboard...

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