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oh baby!!! can we make that when i visit next month??? i can almost smell it now. . .did the girls like it? i'm sure denny must have!!!

kale @ tastes good to me!

The pork bun you captured looks SO amazing.


Great photos, and I definitely want to try your recipes! I love Singapore--I've been there twice with my family. The first time, someone helped us find a "good quality" durian to try--huge and pretty expensive! We all tried it--thought it wasn't too bad. Did you notice the "circle-slash-durian" signs on subways? Too smelly in a confined space!


The recipe sounds delicious but I don't understand one part of the directions for the rice. You wrote,
"In a medium stock pot, add the bit of reserved chicken fat and the grapseed oil. Cook until the pieces are slightly crispy, then remove them from the pot."
What "pieces" do you mean here?
Perhaps I missed something. Thanks.


What a FEAST of a post! I've gotta see Singapore, but until then I'll make me some Chicken Rice. Thanks for stepping out a recipe.


I'm going to make this-I've been having such a good time cooking since I ended my 3-year run being vegetarian. Sounds like an amazing, lovely experience! Thanks for this recipe. :)


oh. my. goodness. there are some people here who love chicken and rice, but i've never made anything that looks so simply divine. this is going at the top of next week's menu.


Love Singapore, but love Hainanese Chicken Rice even more! Chicken rice make you feel like you're eating something really healthy and healing..


this is a family favourite. my family is from singapore and my mom makes this for every special occasion. you gotta have it with chili though!

jen a

luanne - i'm such a wuss when it comes to heat! i tried some on the chicken rice that i ate in the hawker's center and thought i was going to die! ha!


pretty cool blog!!!!



just wanting to send you a little love. thank you, i have itchy feet and we're not traveling right now and this little slice of delight filled me up totally. and in our neck of the woods, the chinese new year celebrations were today. i carefully had tucked this recipe away and hauled it out. such joy - everyone loved it and it was the perfect meal for a fabulous day.

jen a

alessandra - thank you and welcome!

helen - i'm so happy to hear that - it fills your belly with love, does it not?

Sylvie (A Pot of Tea)

What a lovely post and great sounding recipe.


i've been obsessing over chicken rice since our visit to singapore earlier this month (i ate it quite a few times - meep!) and have been collecting a few recipes to compare and contrast. this one looks like a real winner. will give it a go soon! so glad you had a delicious time there! x


Jen: then the ginger garlic dipping sauce is a great shoe in. have you tried it with sweet soya sauce?

jen a

i have not! would you recommend it? we just made it again and i added soy sauce and red pepper flakes to the dip - made it much spicier - it was delish!

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