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Agreed on that last point. I'm actually doing some canning/cooking for my Uncle's Christmas present this year (we are doing a secret santa, and he's who I chose -- lucky for me, because he likes to cook as much as I do!). So far I'm making cranberry-apple jam and a spice paste for meats...but I really want a third thing and I'm not sure what to make. Any ideas? Maybe the simple syrup!


I love that you guys listen to some Peggy Lee...she is on our christmas playlist along with David bowie/bing crosby, Sinatra, judy garland...I have a dear friend who lives in the kitchen and now I'm not clueless about cookbooks. LOL.

jen a

robina love! aiming to do a post everyday next week about something you can make and give - lots of ideas coming ;) xo

anna - we loooove peggy lee ;)



oh i love this list! just secured a few of those measuring jugs! one for myself and one to gift! quick question: does the simple syrup need to be refridgerated once it is in the jar? and approx how long does it last? i'm looking to make a batch to jar and give with christmas gifts :)

jen a

oh ashley you lucky girl!

i refrigerate ours in an air tight container to be safe - it should last several weeks.

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