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Lovely post. I really really like your pattern spoons, so adorable !!!

jen a

i know! i would love to see aran's prop closet in person ;)


she takes gorgeous photos! and i just bought some mini bundt pans, so maybe this will be their 'maiden voyage' recipe! it sounds absolutely delish.

jen a

perfect toni! i know i'd be happy to find them in my lunch box ;)


Gorgeous fall/ winter flavours. Wouldn't mind a few of those in my lunch box either!


Beautiful photos and a great recipe, I love that Aran's gluten-free recipes are so simple yet always inspiring.

Strange for me, to think of cold winter nights for you in the States when we're getting ready for a very hot christmas here in Australia!


Glad I came here to catch Aran's post. It's beautiful, as always. She's definitely inspiring, her recipes and styling.

But I'm also glad I came here to see all the wonderful things on your site. All lovely. Happy Holidays!

Katy Castanos

I love to get lost in Aran's beautiful photography and her scrumptious sounding cuisine ! I really enjoy her mix of landscapes and food. God bless you all !


All this food looks terrific. So does the layout! I was wondering if you could share the name of whatever typeface families you use most in the main typographical illustrations at the top?

ree recipes

You posting are wonderful and informative.

Miccall Miccall

The quality of information that you are providing is simply marvelous.

Becky Hunt

Has no one made these delightful looking financiers? I was hoping someone would ask about what you do with the butter? And isn't it a lot of butter for 8 cakes?

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