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I love make-ahead breakfast dishes like this one - so practical and so darn tasty!

kale @ tastes good to me!

I was waiting for eloquence to come...meh, forget it. Love your blog, love farm to table eating, love your soundtracks.

ashley english

i love this post. everything about it. and, clearly, it seems i will love bubby's, too, next i'm in new york. best yet, though, might be that you included depeche mode in your play list. our bonds deepen, friend....:^)


Delicious and gorgeous!!.....love the pig cutting board!!

jen a

renee - me too! and savory bread pudding is one of my favs.

kale - thank you so much! ;)

ashley - depeche mode - forever etched into the soundtrack of my youth *sigh* xo

teresita - thanks - found that guy at an antique store in town - i love him ;)


oh bubbys!! found this gem about a year ago on a trip to new york and FELL IN LOVE. the food was outstanding! (banana/pecan pancakes, anyone??!!) i've suggested it to every person i know who is headed to the city! so wonderful to hear that the minds behind it are legit!

Snippets of Thyme

That was such a wonderful article. I am inspired by your quest to raise a more conscientious generation of children. The dish looks wonderful for a holiday breakfast choice.

jen a

ashley - seriously - everything on the menu is amazing!

snippets - thank you so much!

Alicia A.

I made it on Christmas Eve and baked it Christmas morning, and it was SO good, Jen. Especially the crispy, dark edges. YUM.

Thank you!

jen a

so happy to hear alicia - i can't wait to make more from that cookbook!


I love every single thing about this post...pictures, kids, decor, FOOD...

Now I need to have a brunch party.


We lived in Brooklyn for almost 5 years (in Park Slope from 2003 to 2007) and Bubby's was one of our regular go-to-whenever-possible spots the whole time we lived there. I still miss their Eggs Benedict!! I knew they were very conscientious about their food and where it came from, but it's awesome to hear the extent to which it reaches. Makes me want to fly to NY just so I can go back!


I have been checking out your blog this morning and it is so beautiful and I´d so love to follow it, but I´m having a hard time subscribing. Would you mind letting me know if the problem is resolved, or perhaps it is an issue with my computer. Thanks!

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