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Best playlist! Well done Adie :-)


I tried to open the playlist in spotify and it said it had no songs :(


So great! And what a fun coincidence that you posted this today--yesterday my family and I went horseback riding in the hills of Santa Barbara. It was amazing...

One thing I've learned: trying to take photos while riding a horse is next to impossible ;)

Bridget Stachowski

Me too...empty play list. Looking foward to listening soon!

jen a

So strange - it pops up just fine on my computer - I will try to rebuild the playlist and update the link in a bit - thanks for letting me know!

Toni that sounds amazing!!

jen a

i just updated the link - hope it works for everyone now!


Rad play list. Love it.

jen a

thanks jules ;) totally inspired by your no grain/sugar diet - i'm so tempted - just have to get the will power!

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