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the KRACKEN!!!!!

jen a

i KNOW!!!! ;) xo


Yummy! I've been adding Kraken to my eggnog since the co-op started carrying it in November. Making it from scratch though, this I have to try! Thank you for the recipe.


Yum--this will brighten my weekend! Love the egg crate--where did you find it?


Lookings incredible. I love eggs!

jen a

cinnamon - great minds think alike ;)

aw - one of my best friends bought it for me a few years ago - it's from anthropologie

joy - me too! ;)

Ashley Moore

I am kind of in awe that you made your own eggnog. That is crazy! Maybe someday I'll have the time to try it out. For now, I'll bookmark it to look back at longingly. :)

The Queen of the North

I'm more of a glogg person, but this recipe looks delicious.

Jen - beautiful photos!


I just discovered your site and woah....How have I not seen it before??? My husband and I write a food and music site called Turntable Kitchen, so we're clearly on a similar wavelength. Love your music choices and your photos are absolutely stunning. So excited to dig in. Happy holidays!

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