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these looks amazing! and i love the snowflake adornment at the end.


Those biscotti have such a gorgeous dark color! I'm into anything with the words "double-chocolate" in the title.


I love your photography. It's very inspiring.
And the biscotti look delicious too. :)

ashley english

and you like biscotti, too! i knew we were going to be bff's for, like ever!!!


Biscotti & this perfect playlist - thank you :)


Jen - this looks delicious! Where did you get your table? Love it!


Beautiful! I would love to bake some of these send them with the christmas package I just made to my Italian mother-in-law. Will they keep well over 5 days of air travel in the winter if packed air-tightly?

jen a

beth - i'm kinda obsessed with those snowflakes - i buy more every year ;)

ladomestique - right? how can you go wrong with double chocolate!

ashley - like there was any ever doubt love!

irene - you're welcome and thank you!

acj - the table is vintage - we bought it here in asheville at screen door antiques

nisha - oh i think so - i hope she loves them!

Jamie @ Don't Forget the Cinnamon

These look absolutely incredible!!

Christine Chitnis

I just made these and they turned out so yummy!


Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe! Off to dunk one (or two) in my afternoon cup of coffee!

Christine Chitnis

sorry- left you a bum link:



I think I might try this one! Love this blog!!!

Have a great weekend!


jen a

they look amazing christine! thank you for sharing!

thanks so much jamie and miki!

Alice Straus

What is the quantity of chocolate chips? The recipe shows "1. chocolate chips ground" -- does this mean one 12 ounce bag?

jen a

thank you for pointing that out alice! going to fix now - in the meantime, it's 1 cup!


I just made these,
I switched 1 cup of flour with whole wheat flour, and I used Lindt Orange-bitter chocolate instead of chocolate chips. It turned out great and now I can't stop eating it.

packaging machine

The Scottish look yummy!! Would love to dip them in my coffee :)
But the packaging! WOW, so lovely and wintery!

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