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Rose D., NJ USA

I have been waiting for this hot chocolate since you tweeted about it!! Thanks!

jen a

you are so welcome rose! really want to try it with their Stumptown Coffee flavored chocolate next ;)


This is the ULTIMATE! whoa! I must make this.


Whoa. You know how to make hot cocoa! I *love* salted chocolate. I'm always trying to concoct the perfect recipe that's not too rich for everyday drinking--because that's how often I want the stuff in the winter! Your mix is definitely inspiring.


loved this post so much. and salted hot chocolate is my favorite...mmm, I can't get enough of the combination of flavors.


love your playlists

jen a

mia, toni an carlotta: if you make it, let me know what you think - it has me thinking of all sorts of different flavors i can try next!

claire: thanks so much - putting them together is as much fun as playing in the kitchen ;)



LOVE this post! i have a mast brothers chocolate bar here looking for use. it's the almond/sea salt variety---and i'm eager to see how it plays into the recipe!

ps: WHERE did you get those mugs??

jen a

hi ashley - thank you! and the mugs are from white forest pottery:


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