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These are incredibly beautiful. I love the way the top photo looks like little toy cars :)


there's something kinda david levinthal-like about the last one. Such beauty in your eyes, my friend. xo

jen a

thank you ladies - it was a pretty wonderful weekend ;)


I love how gentle NYC looks from your photographs. I always get nervous that I'll be swallowed up whole when I go, but when I get there, I realize it doesn't feel so overwhelming. It's actually quite manageable and lovely.

jen a

so lovely josephine ;)


These photos are seriously fantastic.


and New York loves you for the indescribeable photographic insight into it

jen a

thank you so much alicia and tawe!


Breath taking photographs. I mean it!


Jen I just love looking at your photos. You inspire me!

jen a

thank you elisha and terry - means the world! xo

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