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it's good to see you writing happy. ;)


The south will certainly do that to you...make you rest on your laurels for a wee bit :)


The south will certainly do that to you...make you rest on your laurels for a wee bit :)


i always think of september as a time for digging in and new beginnings - reading this post compounds that. here's to the slower and more inward season.


brittany - thank you so much - it feel good ;)

rebekka - i'm pretty much in love down here!

charlotte - yes, i agree. fall is a pretty magical time - i hope your fall is beautiful and full of reflection...


i love to see you posting again. i am sure you will be inspired by all that fall leaf beauty!


Apple fest! Hendersonville! ( It seems so crazy to see someone write those words besides me. ) I hope you all had a blast, Jen.


jen - thank you love. thinking i can try sticking to a schedule of longer, more thought about posts once a week or so - fingers crossed. and i can't wait to see fall. xo

tim! i know - crazy ;) we certainly enjoyed ourselves - such a cute little town!

Christine Chitnis

I loved reading your beautiful words, Jen...I have always been so inspired by, and drawn to, your photography because you seem to perfectly capture those fleeting moments that make up day-to-day life with kids.

My little one is just a baby, but following your work over the years has helped me find new ways to capture his precious little nuances.

I am so glad you are finding your way back to that place of joy when it comes to your own photography.



your words filled my heart. thank you so very much - it truly means the world.



i'm guessing the funnel cake photo is with your phone...maybe....and along with the other sentiments, i love how and what you write....

and self discovery...isn't it just the best thing ever :)


beth! you got it lady! ;) and thank you, thank you... it's an endless journey, is it not?


Oh, I hope they let you keep bees! I've been going back and forth about doing it Fingers crossed for you!


love these photographs. and was just looking at those moccasins. beautiful.


jeannie - me too! they already said no to chickens :( so i really, really, REALLY hoping for the bees!

thank you beth - and aren't they beautiful - loving the colors and details.

Josefine Laul

Beautiful! Really beautiful.


thank you so much josefine!


Good to see you finding your flow again Jen. I have missed your regular posts :-)

the purcells

beautiful images & the apple festival looks amazing!! Glad you are back in your groove in the kitchen!!

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