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beautiful girls! summer in the south suits them:)


your girls are just the sweetest ... i love the first image with them lined up like little ballerinas. things will settle down. you will see.


There aren't many more lovely places to put down roots than Asheville :)


I see so much happiness in your future....


so happy jen to hear you are slowly feeling more at home! asheville seems to be the perfect place, close to your dear ones and surrounded by mountains..it sounds like heaven to me! ♥


oh my god! lindsey's letterpress polaroid albums are just PERFECT!
straight to my wish list!

hena tayeb

A move is always hard.. it's like someone pressed the resest button and you have to restart.. wishing you the best.. your house will become your home faster than you think.


How in the world do you get that beautiful font? What is it called?

jen jafarzadeh

hooray, so happy to read your family is settling in after such a rough ride! ps. love these photos as they remind me of my summers swimming at a lake when I went to camp. officially obsessed with racing snail press — thanks for sharing!



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