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anna kim

that sounds absolutely delicious. now that you put it that way, detox doesn't sound so bad.

rachel | buttons magee

I am totally going to pick up some more almonds next time I head to the store!


how have i never done this before? brilliant.


Best of luck during your detox, Jen. Maybe if you revel in your newfound food creations, it won't be so bad...? Twas the lack of caffeine that always killed it for me. Be strong. :)

jillian m. {coffee, light and sweet}

i love natural almond butter! once you go with natural nut butters, it's hard to go back to the skippies and jifs.


ohhh, sounds delicious!! will definitely try it!
best of luck with the detox, dear jen!


Almond butter is really good in berry smoothies too...it helps thicken it. I add it to mine every morning. :-) Maybe one of these days I'll have to try making my own...yours sounds delish!


my husband and I were all for trying a detox just like this at the beginning of the year...but we haven't quite made it yet. ha, maybe the Chinese New Year will be our starting line :) Thanks for the inspiration!


yum! raw almond butter from trader joes is also amazing + addictive. so proud of you. i know i could not cut out caffeine, so i'm not even gonna try.

Sarah B.

YUM! i lurv almond butter. but have you tried hazelnut butter?! you'll thank me for this one: http://mynewroots.blogspot.com/2009/03/nut-butter-me-up.html

all the best during your cleanse!
LOVE your blog.

xo, Sarah B


You're a brave soul for doing a detox like that! Good luck! Also, your almond butter sounds delicious...have you ever tried cashew butter? It's my favorite. Really good stirred into oatmeal along with some raspberry jam.


cameron - too funny! we JUST picked up cashews for that very purpose last night ;)


Thanks for the recipe!


I'm doing something similar just now, and dang it's hard. I haven't yet made almond butter, but I love using the grinding machine at whole foods, watching the butter squeeze out and swirl into the container. You know, almond milk is actually surprisingly easy to make, as well... +Chelsea

the purcells

yum! can't believe we've never tried making our own before - sounds delicious.

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