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that photo is killing me - it should be in the book! ;)


I love french toast, will definitely give the recipe a try :)


Black rum bitter chocolate french toast?? I just ran across your blog via Pia Jane Bijkerk. Wow, that recipe alone has me hooked. Your photos are really beautifully evocative. Very nice work.


LOVE love love this photo.


thank you! and welcome marina! xoox


oooh I want a breakfast like that!

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yummy yummy i wanna a bite

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beautiful and simple


The breakfast of champions!!

Crossfintan Cottage

I've just happened upon your site - I love it - the photos are really evocative. Keep up the good work..

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yummy yummy i wanna a bite

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Can't find a link to email, but I am a huge fan of the podcast. I also wanted to suggest that everyone take a look at Heather's recent work, Empires and Barbarians. A monumental piece of scholarship and touching on matters which should soon be of interest in the podcast (I think. I'm a late comer and just now at the death of good 'ol Augie).

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lovely recipe simple and warm breakfast

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great and mostly health recipe, thanks for sharing


that looks sooo good.

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