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Summer time bliss ~ s'mores, camp fires, and fireflies!


Love the picture.


i'm not a camping girl, but you're getting me to thinking about it. the photo is heaven!

vanessa joie

I love that you camp with lace table linen. So much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


What a sweet photograph. Your blog is very beautiful, I'm glad I stumbled across it.

Dawn Jo

Love ya...


Camping is so simplifying. And so lovely to be out in nature, and seeing what the sun is up to in all the delicate times of the day. :)

Elizabeth Clarke

I am highly allergic to camping but you make it sound so chic and fabulous I am almost tempted! Enjoy!


That photo is so sweet! I love it. And I wouldn't want to sleep in a tent every night but it is pretty exciting for a few summer nights.


No a camping girl here but maybe I should try it ;)
*LOVE* the photo...


What a gorgeous photo! I hope you enjoy your time in Vancouver! It's a beautiful city.

Amanda Ray

This is the sweetest picture! Nothing better than curls and hot dogs. :) Precious!!!

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this photo makes me feel warm and comfy

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pray for beautiful bread..sweet babies. xx

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