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The wedding photos are amazing!


well... you could always go glamping! :)

heather smith jones

Oh I you'll have fun camping. (:
And I too think your wedding photos are amazing, ones they will certainly treasure of their big day.


Yah for breathing and letting go :o) And have fun camping! x


Life sounds deliciously busy for you! The photos of the weddings you put up are beautiful. I hope you have a lovely time camping and enjoy Vancouver once you get here. :)


i am so ready for summer! i am not ready for the summer heat of north carolina but I am ready for everything else that is involved! I am happy to not be moving this upcoming summer as we have the last two summers phew!


big congrats on closing. may the stars continue to align.


I looked at those photos many times yesterday and kept thinking I wish Jen had been around to take ours 11 years ago! I am so excited for all the opportunities that continue to come your way. And yes, you will enjoy camping and all it's glory and yes, you are a wedding photographer.


Secrets of yours mean good surprises for us - don't apologize!

Cassandra Marie

Congrats on the move! And your "not being a camper" statement mad me laugh- I'm the exact same way lol


vanessa joie

You are a brave woman!


sounds like you're having lots of fun!

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