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happy birthday little sweetie!


it is in a blink of an eye, isn't it. Happy Birthday little ari rose.


You know when I had the pleasure of meeting your girls, it was gorgeous little Ari who surprised me the most.
Adie and Ayla were inquisitive, funny, silly and so sweet, as I was expecting girls their age to be but Ari...
She is so softly gentle and happy. SUCH a cutie pie. She seemed to just be chillin, taking it all in and nothing much fazing her.
Happy Birthday beautiful little Ari!


happy, happy birthday!


She's so gorgeous.

You're so lucky!


she is stunning. what a love. happy birthday little one :)

just found your blog today and I will be back.

vanessa joie

I think your posts about your girls are my favorite. They are lucky to be so fiercely loved! Coming from a difficult childhood where love was seldom expressed it warms my heart to know that there are little girls being loved and cherished.

Happy Birthday to your little one!


Happy Birthday to the little angel:)


She's so sweet. I love her curls.

Cassandra Marie

What a sweet little tribute :) Happy birthday babes


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How sweet.


Ohh wauw, that's so sweet. :) I have a little sister of three and she looks just like your daughter. I love your blog, it's so pretty. I'm surely coming back for more. Would you like to visit my blog sometimes? It would be an honour. xx

my spatula

hope she had the best birthday. how could she not with a firecracker popsicle in her hand? xo.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Aaah, happy birthday sweetheart.

wishful nals

so sweet. :)


So sweet. And those rocket popsicles are so evocative of childhood.

Debbie E

awww happy belated three sweet baby girl

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happy birthday!

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Yehey!! Belated happy birthday and more birthdays to come and GOD bless you always..
You look like an angels.. your so cute little girl.


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