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exactly...every day.


I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Valentine's Day actually takes away from it's true meaning.

Melissa de la Fuente

Oh, I have missed you and your beautiful words...why has it taken me so long to visit? This is perfection Jen, I can see it all so clearly and it makes me giggle. Yes, just love....that is what I hold close to my heart. Love them....just love them.

Lauren Beacham

inspiring! i was sitting here truly fuming as my valentines day plans have just fluttered out the window. my boyfriend of 3 years (this would be our first full-day valentines day to spend together) is now in another city, waiting for his mother to get off her cruise ship that is now 3 hours delayed as he was so dutiful and kind a son to follow her commands (even though he had to drop her off during a blizzard, and pick her up on a day we had been planning for weeks) and now all of our plans (potentially even dinner) are out of reach. thank you for reminding me, and all of us, what is truly important - today, and everyday. maybe we'll start our own traditions tonight :)


that's gotta be one of the (if not the) very best valentine's day story ever.


that is unlucky but in a sense lucky because you got to see past the fluff of this holiday to the true meaning of a relationship... i agree with u completely

judy haney

All so true. Every day can be full of love, reeling with love, if we just make it happen.


amen....and what great memories....because without the good ones, the bad ones aren't funny the next day !!

here's to cheeseburgers and merlot !


ohhh, beautiful post, jen, as always! i enjoyed reading it so much! and couldn't agree more with its "love every single day" message..! ♥


oh how many 'perfect' evenings have not gone smoothly... the best times are found in the spontaneous moments...

theresa/t does wool

such a beautiful post~

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

We were just laughing last night about the year we ended up going through the Chic-fil-a drive-thru on Valentines day. It's a long story, but one we will laugh at into our old age. It's who you're with that matters, for sure.


yes! exactly right.


ohhh i love that story!!! i have had wonderful tales in the city of love! thank you for sharing!


This made me smile...beautifully put.


what a great post. very well written.


Brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful, lovely post. You are a wonderful writer. I just love how you have retold these experiences and added such a lovely thought at the end. Funny, tender, brilliant.

circus charlie

here here!


I love this story and the message you send with it. I've noticed myself putting a lot of pressure on the day and naturally the boyfriend of eight years. As a result no matter what he does it isn't enough in my mind (which usually, thankfully, are thoughts I keep to myself) and I expect him to say and do more. The silly lessons we must learn!


Nice post, makes me remember our first Valentine's day as a married couple. My husband tried to make it special. We went to a favorite restaurant for dinner but we didn't know that they totally change the menu and the set up on Valentine's day. It was way too crowded (they added more tables) and the food portions were annoyingly smaller. The only thing memorable about it, because it was so strange, was there was this guy blowing through a leaf to make music. When we got home and turned on the TV, there he was again on TV! It was like the Twilight Zone! We never went out again on valentine's day!

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