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sounds like a magical trip!

LoveFeast Table

It makes me want to be young again...pony tails, roller skates with metal wheels, lounging in the grass staring at the clouds...thanks for jogging the memories!

shaylah fawn deviney

please post your photographs from arizona. phoenix is my hometown and i miss it dearly. it would certainly brighten up my dreary winter new england day. and have a safe trip back home.


i'm glad they solved the problem so you could enjoy - have a beautiful time.


There is some thing perfect about Disney Land.


i really believe that they blow fairy dust into the air. it is magical. sorry about the credit mess.


awww..that looks like so much fun! we need to go to Disneyland again. Sorry about your credit card-scary and annoying!


Oh the magic of Disney! It's amazing how kids find each other (and get along so easily!)


the kids are looking at this and smiling and I told them we would be there soon and they became giddy. I believe it's simply magic. xoxo


She looks so blissful!

Loulou's mum

Oh ! We were there on 5th january and the disney magic worked even with the freezing cold on my 4 years old.
But she wasn't made up like your beautiful little girl.

The Owl Diary

Just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love it. Will be following. xx

kristina [ the darling house ]

What a lovely story about Adie. Disneyland *is* magical. I really wish it still looked like this though...

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