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Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

It's sort of funny when I stop and think about it. Really our lives can take any variety of exciting twists and turns on any old day of the year, but there is something about a years beginning that makes it seem infinitely more possible. Wishing you peace and joy in as you wait, watch, and walk ahead.


happy new year! sound like you have a fun and adventurous year ahead, I hope those baby steps get you to where you want to be!


happy new year! it seems like it will be a wonderful year full of adventure. best of luck to den! and i can't wait to see what collaborations you have in store.


wishing you a warm and wonderful little break. and sending more wishes for a very happy new year. and hooray for the fascinator. couldn't be cuter.

the purcells

have a wonderful trip to CA and AZ - we just spent about 2 weeks in the warm sunshine and it was beautiful. happy to be back in nyc since the novelty of cold and snow hasn't worn off yet. happy new year!!

my spatula

my husband and i have a similar dream/plan, though it takes place in france. always on our minds, always scheming and planning how to make it happen. happy new year, jen!

Sara Bradshaw

Hi there,
Love your blog and wanted to let you know tht you are a category winner on my list of ‘25 Best Blogs of 2009′. Congratulations. You can see your category and mention at http://www.cricketwife.com/2010/01/25-best-blogs-of-2009-part-2.html (as well as the other category winners). Have a great 2010.
Sara Bradshaw
The Cricket Wife

Jennifer White

Have a fabulous trip...I'm a bit jealous seeing that we're getting dumped on w/a blizzard in Wisconsin right now!


What a lovely shot... All the best this year!


I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come this year! Especially whatever project is tied to the natural history museum. I'm thrilled to start using your calendar now, it brightens up my walls. Happy new year to you and your family!

LoveFeast Table

Your blog is one of my happy places!


2010 is so brilliant with possibilities it's making me giddy. enjoy your travels (and the WARM sun) and i can't wait to hear more!



remember? how could i forget? :) :) :)
we are on a little break from adventures, now having been home for 2 years, it feels so bizarre to me that it all fell in place when it did for us.. all i know is that is that it will happen for you magically too and when it does... i want to come visit! <3

have fun in the sun in disney, you deserve it!
and congrats to den, that's not an easy step!

Elie's Papel

Happy new year!!! wish you the best for 2010 full of good things and blessings

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