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yes, marking my calendar!


this is wonderful! can't wait to see more!!!!

alicia bock

It is not fair to tease like this... can't wait for more!

Jen Jafarzadeh

so exciting! can't wait!

soNOTcool :: Jodi Anderson

I've meant to say this for almost a year ... We have the same initials, "jla". It's nothing exciting, but it gives me a little smile every time that I see it. :)


You guys...are too awesome. xoxo

Jennifer White

Gorgeous... can't wait to see more.


this is going to be so so good.


How wonderful!!!!!! Excited to see even more!! :)

Alicia A.

I cannot wait to see what you two are up to.
You'll make a great duo, I'm sure.

rachel | buttons magee

I am so so excited to see two of my favorite people to be working together!! awesome!


super excited and cannot wait! :D


Great--excited to see more as well! Your public is waiting!

I have been following your blog since the Athena days--and have to say that it has been very sweet to see your little ones grow up here on your site--and to be inspired by your work. I have been a quiet reader so today is the official day when I say hello--and thanks for sharing your talents with me!

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