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solstice letters

welcome home...i look forward to hearing more.


so mysterious! sounds like it will be a great year.


I am thinking you will be moving somewhere warm soon...probably somewhere like Pennsylvania. I am totally right, huh?

Jen Jafarzadeh

your photo with all the little converses is so adorable. welcome back! sounds like it was a trip you all needed to recharge.


Now I'm curious...


Glad that you arrived home safely Jen :-) Looking forward to see more about your new project!

Sundari Carmody

It sounds lovely. Looking forward to hearing more.


thank you friends... it is going to be an amazing year - look forward to sharing it with you!

and jen w. - you are SO close - so close ;) xoox


I'm excited to hear about your thoughts.

And I agree with it's hard to be excited about being here. The weather has been so, so dreary. And more.


i was lucky enough to see arizona covered in snow in november, but you all must have had quite an incredible view!
this photo is so gorgeous, and i'm very much enjoying your blog! you have a new follower ;)


Your blog is beautiful! I'm glad I found it!!


I've been following your art for a few years and never get over your originality and gift in capturing with the polaroid. Thank you for sharing your work.

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