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Oh your day sounds wonderful I'm jealous of your snow it's freezing here but no snow yet. I want a reason to be trapped in my warm house with hot chocolate :)

rachel | buttons magee

we only have freezing rain. ugh. And I have been drooling over all the great books at Anthro right now. My wishlist keeps growing and growing.

The Single Gal

I know! I got a copy of The Sartorialist book & was glued to it for days devouring every detail... then I had to clean my closet out - another good inside activity :)


Oh, this snow is something else! I can't believe how much we've gotten. I love all the links, thanks!

Gina :|: Listening in the Litany

green with envy over your snowy plight. we're held captive also, but only by sniffles and rain. not nearly so exciting i'm afraid.

i recently began frequenting "habit" and was drawn to visit this space of yours. beautiful, indeed.

This Lovely City

Lovely photo & I think you've done it with the polaroid bag! It's perfect.


Oh, I hope it looks like this when I wake up tomorrow. This cold doesn't seem right without the snow. A good Polaroid bag is hard to find. Yours looks lovely!


your polaroid blog is my inspiration.. i absolutely love it..

looking at this photo takes me back to my elementary school days during snow days.. ahhh :)

destined to design

your day sounded like heaven. as well as everything on your wishlist - loving it all.


i know - i have about five of them on my wish list rach!

glad you ladies liked the links - and yes - totally feel like i scored with that bag - found it in a dark, distressed brown at my local anthro - i am a happy girl - it will be perfect for the weddings this summer! xoox

Jen Jafarzadeh

have you been able to find (more affordable) polaroid film recently? I know Urban Outfitters had it for awhile, but I missed the boat and it was sold out. wishing we had some snow right now — I'm dying to go sledding one of these days.


hi jen - polapremium.com has the best prices - better than anything i have found on ebay anyway!


excellent links. hope you've been enjoying your snowdays!

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