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oh I'm right there with you...

and these peel aparts are just gorgeous.


Oh, I saw the post a Decor8 this morning and was thrilled for you. Such lovely photos.

Debbie E

those are gorgeous photos..*fingers crossed* that one day polaroid will be all over local stores again. I want to shoot only in polaroid!! Im addicted and miss shooting with it.Cant wait to hear about the winter trade!

Jennifer White

What great shots, Jen... bring on the peel aparts, we your readers will gaze with just as much love for them as with standard film...I've found 600 film here and there @ local Walgreens believe it or not...may be worth a peek next time you're near one.


i love the peel aparts! and now i am so excited for the winter trade...


Really gorgeous photographs.Inspiring me to get a Polaroid!


i really love the peel aparts and wish they were available in germany too. no matter what camera oder film you use - your pictures are always beautiful and delicate.


why would anyone mind your peel-aparts? I would love to find more film too. But I am finding happiness with 120.


love your photos.
Do you know of this wonderful iphone applications called shakeit photo,it transforms your pictures into that vintage,faded vignette look.

Cassandra Marie

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a pretty little giveaway on my blog... just in case you wanted to enter!




i haven't had polaroid film in months - you cannot get it anywhere where i live anymore, and it's just too expensive for me to order (being a poor college student sucks sometimes!)
i miss it so much. your photos are still lovely though!

Peonies and Polaroids

I love these so much. That second photo of your girl and your dog is one of the most beautiful things ever in the world ever.

HM Baker

Jen, I found you through habit and I must confess you are the reason I keep going there... now I will just come here, direct. Your work is beautiful and evocative and my personal opinion is that Italy is better in polaroid...through your lens. And I agree with "Peonies and Polaroids:" that photo is to die for...

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