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Your photographs are beautiful.Get well soon.


oh, I hope you are feeling well soon. i have been fighting a cold for the past two weeks and it's getting old.

happy warm weekend though!

Jennifer White

May rest and all your nightstand-love get you back on your feet, fast.


i hope you feel better soon. i love your new portraits!!


I'm loving the musical education you give your girls. :) Hopefully I'll be able to do the same someday!

Debbie E

aww jenn hope you feel better soon,good to know you have loving souls around you to take good care of you


Hope you're feeling better very soon!

btw...I love how you can make even a paper towel look so wonderful and dreamy with your awesome photography (and/or photo-editing) skills! You inspire me :)

Cassandra Marie

Feel better!


thank you so much for all the well wishes - i am getting there! xoox


How is it that you make the simplest of things, so interesting?


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