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Melina Wallisch Photography

Wow, your blog is beautiful, full of sparkling inspiration...I just skimmed, but have marked it to come back and explore more...thank you for filling my monday with beauty and the urge to bake some cookies :-)


how much flour do you usually add?


omg katie! i forgot the flour - thank you!! i will fix it now!

the purcells

yum, might have to whip these up tonight!!!

little room la

o wow. i definitely think making these.. and then eating them of course! will make my monday much much brighter~


Silly question but is t. a teaspoon or tablespoon?


not a silly question ;) little 't' is indeed teaspoon - uppercase 'T' is tablespoon...


love your blog! peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip are my specialty, i found the recipe in an old amish cookbook. i've never added cinnamon though, i had just bought the ingredients over the weekend and seem to have delayed baking long enough to learn about a new secret ingredient. thank you!


There is nothing better than homemade treats... maybe because they are often made with love, not with a machine.


hmmmm...your blog is so sweet not just because of the amazing recipes : )


i made them over the break, they were gone within an afternoon! thank you for the recipe :)


Where do you get your polaroid film!? I've been searching the interwebs like crazy and can't find any for a reasonable price.

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