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Debbie E

Looks like you had an amazing trip.Truely all you do with your photos are amazing works. Its such a blessing when you get to do so many wonderful things with your passion.Thanks for doing one last photo trade. Makes me sad,but glad I could be a part of it if only for a small time.


That sounds like an amazing trip! I am so happy for you. I'm obsessed with science lately too and am trying to figure out how to tanslate that into my future endeavors. The blogs you suggested look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


wow jen! these are just amazing. i mean really really amazing! i am right with you on loving science and nature stuff. can't wait to hear what your going to do with them. i'm now off to check out those links! :)


Jen, I can only say that way you capture the things you are deeply passionate about truly conveys that passion. These are stunning. They really evoke the natural state of these amazing specimens. I felt a similar feeling while at an exhibit of ancient bones once...realizing that I was viewing something that had such an eternal impact on the earth. And seeing something so old and vintage always is inspiring. I can't wait to see what you're doing with these. !!!!!!!!! SOOO amazing!!!


oh my! i love your photos, that must have been an amazing treat, being in that environment and then having treasures in drawers...nice.

i fell in love with science at my heavily western science based acupuncture school and those websites, especially the artful amoeba, make me really happy. thank you!


beautiful pictures, what an idea!


Looks gorgeous, Jen!
You found the perfect light again, dear.

Jennifer Frazer

Wow! This is Jen Frazer, and I write The Artful Amoeba. Thanks so much for the link -- I can't tell you how much it means to me when people like and share my work.

I completely understand your experience in the natural history collections. For me, going to a natural history museum, and indeed, spending any time around plants, animals, fungi, microbes, or fossils, can be a tear-inducing religious experience. The first and only time I went on a whale watch, a humpback whale swam directly under my place on the railing. As it slowly slipped by, broader than a bus, I started to cry. I'd never quite grasped what a whale was until that moment, nor how much I'd be moved by it.

Sharing the awe and excitement I feel for all the crazy kinds of life on Earth, with a generous helping of humor, is the labor of my life. Thanks so much. : )

anna newell jones

oh jen! those photographs are so beautiful! i cant wait to see more. so happy for you and your new project :)

Jennifer White

What an opportunity you had...I can only imagine how you must've felt being able to see such incredible beauty. thank you for sharing some of the shots you were able to capture...looking forward to my first photo trade since finding your blog....xo


Seriously, rad.


I love that you're adding such a personal touch to your package. Many wouldn't be bothered!

I'm so excited for what is to come with this new series. I'm praying for another book! I collect bones, nests, eggshells...anything one might find that nature has cast away that retains a history. As a girl majoring in zoology I'm hoping to see much more!


such beautiful photos ... how exciting that you have a newly discovered inspiration.

you might enjoy taking a peek of one of my flickr contact's photos...she truly does a magical job of capturing nature every day.



uuummmmmm. next book please? i want to hold these images in my hands!!! xo

Marte Marie Forsberg

What a wonderful fairy-tale world of images. Cant wait to see more.

Jonathan Ivy

Looks awesome! Great work and I cant wait to read more!

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