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Your girls are just adorable! We are suckers for musicals around here too. Maybe because he is a musician and a photographer and I am terrible singer with a camera(!) so the visual combined with the music is always attractive.
Glad to hear you had a lovely Halloween!


Those are some fantastic costumes: I never would have thought of that! Excellent.

Wendy Burton

Such a gorgeous photo. I absolutely LOVE your art. So glad to have found you via Susan Tuttle.


I don't think that I've ever watched this film all of the way through, only clips. But I do remember the song Xanadu very well :-) I love your Halloween photos of the girls, so very beautiful.


your girls look great - I'm sure they had fun. it was such nice weather. happy november!


my daughter and i loved xanadu so much we went to see it on broadway! happy halloween AND happy november!



OMG, they are just too gorgeous!


That is too funny. I roll my eyes when my wife and my 3 girls are dancing to this as well. I did not watch it growing up but my wife did and they do the same thing... Play all the musical parts. Another fav is Singing in the Rain.

Cassandra Marie

Lovely blog...just wanted to say hello! :)



thank you friends!

lindsey - i really wanted to see it on broadway - i hope it was good!

memekode - too funny, that is another one of our favs as well. pretty much anything with gene kelly is gold in my eyes ;)

Jennifer White

Seriously, I've seen Xanadu a million times....but not for a very long time. You have to love a movie who's soundtrack is all ELO songs....I may be showing my age, too.


Oh my goodness, seriously? I had an unwavering love for this movie as a little girl and thought Olivia Newton-John was just about the most beautiful thing ever. I do believe I could still sing most of the soundtrack.

And Gene Kelly was utterly dreamy, even surrounded by leg warmers.


Your photographs are just so beautiful!
& I love Xanadu, now you've made me want to watch it again after all these years!


Love this picture!!!! these 3 girl are too cute! Hope your weekend will be a great one!

Jan's camera

This is a wonderful photo. They are so cute and I enjoy seeing them in your polaroids.

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