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What great links! Thanks for sharing all of that awesomeness.

the purcells

wow, the jewelry from pyrrha is amazing!! on my xmas list!


the athena piece is on it's way to me right now ;) i am going to pair it with the "peace" and "ship" pieces i already have!


Oh yes, those boots are terrific and I also LOVE that ruffled coat. Sigh...coats! Thank you for the links.

LoveFeast Table

Love the necklace! Love the links! Love the inspiration!!
love the LoveFeast gals

Jennifer White

I am LOVING happy lady eats... thanks for sharing that... keep the favorites comin'... have a great weekend as well...


Thank you so much, Jen. You are the sweetest! :)

Bali Beach Bunny

anthropologie in london?
and just in time for my one week here
hoorah - thankyou


i think they open next week!


:) i just saw that you linked me. oh, thank you! your blog is beautiful. i can't believe i haven't visited before! i'm definitely adding you as a favorite, blog crush ;) haha!

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