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in honour of my love for all things americana i'm going to host a thanksgiving inspired lunch next month. and will definitely try this recipe for the pie part ;)


Hi from ─░stanbul,
I have to try this recipe, but one question how many grams of pumpkin makes a can of pure pumpkin? and is it cooked?
I like your site buy the way and it is among my favorites on my own blog.


oh. oh. I made one last year with dark chocolate. I am really looking forward to soup recipe for tomorrow.


mmmmm looks delicious!


oh thank goodness for you! i've been looking for a pumpkin pie recipe for ages... all of them seem to use canned pumpkin though :(

do you know of a recipe that uses actual pumpkin? or can you tell us what size/weight the can of pumpkin is?

i think the USA is the only place i've ever seen pumpkin in a can!

thanks :)


berfin & leonie~ this recipe will work just fine with an actual pumpkin - you just want 425grams of pumpkin puree - hope that helps!


Ah, my great-grandmother would include brandy...a wonderful (secret?) ingredient!


How beautiful. I once tried this recipe with some purple japanese sweet potatoes that I was given and swopped a quarter of the white sugar to brown so that it had that slight caramel flavour, it was lovely too.


that looks so good

Laura R

Jen, do you also like your crust recipe? I'm looking for a good crust.


laura - LOVE the crust. LOVE it.

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