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I absolutely love all the pictures of your home featured in the design sponge post!


hello jen good to have you back! (and hello king ludwig, nice to meet you! :)) loved the sneak peek of your newly done house - talk about dreamy! thanks for sharing.




What a treat -the photographs of your home are gorgeous!

Maranda @ {Evoked}

Beautiful! And I just think King Ludwig is the cutest thing there is! What a gorgeous boy!


Yay! Welcome back! For whatever reason, I can't view any of the picture @ design* sponge at work, have to wait a couple more hours because I can visit your home!


I cannot even stand it. I love the "new" house and King Ludwig.

Jennifer White

He's adorable...and already saw you over @ design sponge too...welcome back, good to see you posting again.


your house looks fantastic, truly amazing. it's nice to see you here!


Your house is just beautiful Jen! And so is King Ludwig :-)

Jan's camera

He is so adorable. The kids must be so happy. I love the photos of your home. Very warm and cozy.


beautiful home and dog! i have always loved schnoodles - i hope to have a rescue one day as soon as i buy a house!

Sundari Carmody

how cute.. I can't wait to see more of your work.


Oh I love your sweet schnoodle! I have my
girl ~ a labradoodle ~ beautiful disposition:)

I love his beaming eyes:)


So lovely...as is Ludwig. Rescues are the best. They know.


your home is beautiful!
and your puppy is so so cute. and his name! charming :)

kitzie shepard

thrilled that design sponge lead me to you; thank you for sharing your stories. you write beautifully, oh, and your photos-lurve!

alicia bock

I just wanted to let you know how much I love you new header picture.
Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo -A.

a little something...

i have just book marked your site, it is wonderful..and I'm off to check out Design Sponge now!


Thanks to Design Sponge for leading me here! Your home looks lovely. What a fabulous photo of your new boy. We have a spoodle called Bruno, and he is also such a lovely lovely dog (except when he is naughty, and we soon forgive him!)


LOVE that you adopted!!!
we adopted our bloodhound and are totally smitten by her.
she is amazing!!!
hope she brings your family tons of joy!!!!

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