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Which reminds me that I need to add chocolate to my next batch of peanut butter granola. That should make it even better.

And I shall make this soon, looks delish!

Cannelle Et Vanille

oh balance... how coveted and hard to reach.... but you are right, chocolate does make everything better. lovely words and beautiful image jen. as always.


Biscotti are my favorite cookies during the winter. Hot cocoa and biscotti.
I just wanted to add that ever since I started reading "Athena Says" a couple of years ago, you words and images have been the most calming and serene influence. Thank you.

Sophia Mar

Oh my... Looks absolutely delicious! Thank you.

rachel | buttons magee

I haven't made biscotti in forever. Maybe that needs to change. I totally believe that cooking heals the soul.


long time lurking fan here, lately in love with chocolate biscotti, so thank you, this comes at a perfect time.


Chocolate makes me happy.


oh matt - seriously. peanut butter and chocolate granola? i need that recipe.

aran - thank you so much - balance i think is what we all seek in some shape, way or form - toasting you in hopes we discover it sooner than later ;)

helen - you made my day. thank you so much - your work is so breathtaking.

thank you so much sophia!

rach - i think you are right. that needs to change ;)

thank you for de-lurking kristen - i hope you have fun baking it!



Ooo, I have to try this! Thank you for sharing.


Oh wow, I'm not a giant chocolate fan, but those sure look good! Maybe I'll make some to giveaway for the holidays? =)

hello, friend.

lol, chocolate totally makes everything better :) this sounds so good!

xo. danni


placing too much weight on things that truly do not matter in the end. oh yes. i feel as though i'm just beginning to learn how to see those moments more clearly.

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