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rachel | buttons magee

Have a relaxing break my friend. We'll be here when you get back. :)


mmmhummm, I leave, THEN you make the zucchini bread?

Jen @ MaplenCornbread

I do hope things are well, I very much understand the need for time. take as long as needed. This zucchini bread looks amazing.


love the recipe...sounds easy,and looks amazing... healthy and delicious yumm :)



hi - hope all goes well with you! looking forward to seeing you back here with more of your beautiful stories, photos and recipes!


I am feeling the same. So much going on. Enjoy your break. And keep checking the mailbox...i just sent a little note for you on my new stationary. xoxo


bonjour from the moutains of south France!i reaLLy Love your pictures!very inspiring...thank u


Jen, this brought back sweet memories being curled up on my mother's couch with her watching these old films...AMC was on constant record when I was a kid. I have not had the pleasure of 8 1/2 yet, but how to steal a million and thomas crown...ahhhh.


Enjoy the break, we all need a bit of space and perspective to regenerate! I'll look forward to your uplifting posts when you return. I received your beautiful prints this morning and they bring a bit of sunshine to my day in Ireland remembering the happy times i have spent in Italy. Thank you so much! Ciara x


today it is pumpkin spice cookies for
a fallish sunday

and perhaps some fred astaire

he always make me smile:)


This is beautiful. I love your blog.


Yummy... Thanks for sharing.
Have a good week-end!

bigBANG studio

DARLING blog. I've been hankering to make zuke bread for some time now and you've finally inspired me to actually DO it, and I'll use your recipe to boot! Really made my day a happy one to scroll through your incredible photographs...as a painter I am totally blown away by your artful compositions and eye for vignettes...wow. Cheers, and I look forward to following future posts! -lily in joshua tree

LoveFeast Table

Always love zucchini bread! Will be looking forward to your return in a little while....we just took a little break from our blog, to attend to getting our families settled into the school year and we are back with more bounce...wishing the same for you! We love your blog....so inspirational and beautiful! Best wishes! Chris Ann & Kristin

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