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i love handwritten letters, too. i learned this, i think, from my grandmother who lived half of each year overseas when i was a child. i remember, when faxing first became widespread and my father would fax her, she would say, "it's nice. but there's nothing like a handwritten letter." so true.

(and i keep those same pens in my bag all of the time!)

rachel | buttons magee

I think handwritten letters are one of the greatest treasures, for sure. What a lovely ritual Jen!


what a memory to have emily - and the letters you must still have from her!

rachel - so true - i loved your post about the letters between you and your husband. i had to smile because i have a stack but they are printed emails - wish they were hand-written but we courted while on the same ship in the navy and would email back and forth *sigh*


so lovely. i received a handwritten note from one of my sisters just a few days ago. she wrote on a colorful page torn out from a magazine and fashioned herself an envelope from magazine and tape. it was the first bit of mail i got in my new apartment, and i am so very glad for it.


Just recently discovered your blog. It's absolutely beautiful. I like these nice things your see and write. Thank you for sharing.


I have the fondest memories of a pen pal. When I was 11 we were given pen pals in school from a different state. Well I kept writing to her and we wound up going to the same college. We had a class together and also would meet every friday for lunch. I miss doing that and have often thought of writing again to someone. Such a lovely think to do, even if it's once in awhile.


I'm so excited!!!
Have you sent any out yet, because I move to a different country in 3 weeks lol
You are the best xxxx


i think we might owe adie a letter?


erin - that sounds like an amazing little something to receive in the post!

welcome lina - thank you!

jen - i think you might already have one ;)

amanda - yes - sent both a little something and the note cards to your mama!

hannah - i was thinking adie owes eliot?



you have the luckiest pen pals! i love all the careful packaging required for sending things off. it's an art in itself.


i know...i am very lucky...*giggling*


This post has inspired me to go out and buy myself paper and envelopes today, I so miss the days when friends and I would share snail mail.


i love hand written letters. i began writing my pen pal, when i was 14. 25 years later, we still send each other letters. we have even seen one another over the years. It is lovely to bring our families together and share stories of how we began friends.
: )

vanessa joie

How lovely. I love the way writing feels - letters and journals and notes and funny little poems, and have a vast collection of pens. Thanks for the link to the LWA.

chez danisse

I didn't know there was such an organization as the Letter Writers Alliance. I adore handwritten letters. Thank you for the introduction.


Such a beautiful thing to share with your girls... there is something so wonderful about receiving a handwritten note... so wonderfully personal. My husband and I have a notebook... we write messages back and forth, not daily - but when the other needs it or least expects it. It shows up on a pillow or the nightstand, smiling. It stays there until we feel like writing back.

The hwa sounds like a great idea for my girls... thank you so much for sharing the link!

I'm so glad I found you... this is a place of beauty that I look forward to visiting more often!


beautiful blog and such great ideas for writing letters. I am going to write one out right now to a friend. I like your idea of having extras to include in the parcel or envelope!

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