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Thanks for the list of blogs, it's always fun seeing what other people blog about.


Thanks gorgeous!
Blogging truly is something very satisfying and inspiring.
Yours is one of the best, Jen!


Haha I think I added nearly all of the ones you suggested! Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding new great stuff to add to my Google Reader...this should keep me busy for the next month or so =) I wonder if you have any suggestions of great--inspiring--blogs by men? The one I keep going back to is TheSartorialist.com, because he has such a fantastic eye for the unexpected and the underrated.

I agree with your thoughts on blogging from the heart. I've kept a blog since 2001 and it was sometimes very painful to keep writing, but I did. I finally learned that some things were not suitable for this medium and best kept private...a very difficult lesson to learn. I hope I've learned and matured through the process and that my current blogs reflect that new restraint.


oh amanda, you must know by now how much i endlessly adore you! xoox

wearability - it can be hard determining what to hold on to and what to share - i have struggled with this myself... your new blog is beautiful! two blogs by wonderful men that i enjoy are:

the blue hour: http://bferry.wordpress.com/


adventures in medium format: http://holgarific.net/

Kyla Roma

Oh my goodness, I just found your blog and I adore your aesthetic - you're added into my google reader!


on blogging: *my thoughts EXACTLY*
well said! and thank you for such a true and lovely space you share here with all of us.


thank you toni!

kyla - your blog is SO beautiful - thank you for sharing!



i have been following the habit of being as well and always find nicole's posts so inspiring. thanks for sharing some of your favorites. it's always nice to find some new places to visit online. bon weekend!


Thanks for the new suggestions...many of these are old friends but some I need to go explore.


Smiling at your mention of "blog love" - thank you for these found things.


I keep coming here and feeling breathless with satisfaction. Something about your sensory images & words. And thank you for all the lovely links to go peruse!


a lovely, lovely list!


An inspiring list, thanks for sharing! I've been enjoying yours very much as well.


Lovely portrait of a lovely little girl.


thank you for all the links! fun!!

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