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that penne pasta looks divine!


Ok, the dark crystal is rad. And I want to take the kids to see UP, so I think maybe that is in order here. And if you ever are in this neck of the woods, crabs are really good and yummy fresh here.

simply hue

Wow, I love your site and just added it to my blogroll. You have such gorgeous photos!


thank you ladies!

jen - take a box of tissues with you when you see Up - it was amazing - such a wonderful message for the adults as well!


p.s. and we'll be in your neck of the woods next summer - shall we make a date for crab?

rachel | buttons magee

The dark crystal used to scare the pants off of me when I was a kid. That, and Labyrinth.

I would kill for some crab right now.


I love the dark crystal :)



Um, yes. Since I didn't make it there this summer as thought. Oh, we will have a crab feed for sure.


it's a date ;) see you in june! xoox

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