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This is amazing! What an awesome idea.

Debbie Ealer

sooooo glad we are doing another trade and so love adie's photos,cant wait to see more of them..welcome back adie


Well aren't you something else, Addie. I passed this onto my daughter, age 12, who also has a blog. Here is a link to hers. http://skywritingmusic.blogspot.com/

How wonderful to start you with a camera at age 4! You have a great eye for composition and light. Your mom can explain that to you.




A. Jarrett

This sounds like a wonderful idea - I would love to join!


exciting!! i have been waiting for a neat project like this to fall into my lap. thank you for hosting!

cindy : quaint

hurrah for adie loves polly!


thank you for adie's warm welcome - we are super excited! xoox


Adie, welcome back! I am so excited to start reading and looking at your photographs again. I am sure they will be even better than the ones previously posted. Can't wait to see your new work.


Hi, i wanted to sign up for the summer photo swap, but the link on the website doesn't work on my computer - is it possible to let me know the e-mail address that i can send my info to? Thanks.


hi becky - please send you info to: join@thephototrade.com



what a beautiful Idea. I wrote a story the other day about never being too young to take your first photo and have just included your daughter in that post.... this has inspired me to bbuy my niece rubylove her very first camera!


So beautiful idea Adie.. i cant wait for the next post..

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Such a beautiful read, i cant find other places on the internet like this. I have told my mates about ur site, they love it.

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Beautiful picture, I like it

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- thank you! if you would like to see her work from last year, click here.

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If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing well.

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