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Alicia A.

yes, yes, yes!


Glad to hear you had such a good visit.Im 2 hours south of Atlanta and I LOVE it.I was born in NJ but always thought I should be southern. Cant wait to see what photos you took while here and welcome back!

Nicodemus Green

I'm with you on all points, especially the kudzu!

It's soooo beautiful.

Nicodemus Green

the purcells

i definitely need a southern food road trip in my near future!


"5. the men - they way they hold doors and practically bow as you pass - an old world charm that makes them both full of charm and pride;" Yes, yes, yes. :-) I've noticed this. Gorgeous shot, Jen! I can't wait to see more.


I couldn't agree more!
That photo is so kitschy cute; it would make for a great note card.


Looks like you were in my town!

Beautiful, accurate descriptions. Those of us born and raised here love the same things about it!


being from the south, your post made my heart dance, darlin'


i love this list - especially # 4 and 7 - the first time i ever had (real) biscuits was when my southern mother-in-law made them for me, and she always calls me sugar or honey :)

Jen Jafarzadeh

Love the list! My experience includes biscuits, BBQ, and fried oysters. That shot is fantastic.


wow what a postcard!


as much as i'd love to leave atlanta, i just can't. the southern charm is definitely one! and coca cola, how could i live?

Me, Myself, I

What a beautiful post - thanks for sharing :)


i'd love to go to the south someday!


I'm going to North Carolina on Saturday and I'm a pepsi drinker. What should I know about ordering it, so I don't get the evil eye. =)

jen altman

i think you will be safe in nc nicole ;) the coke headquarters in in atlanta - so georgia is needlesstosay pretty much a pepsi free zone {sadly} ;)


I loved the Loveless Cafe and have a refrigerator magnet that has stuck with me (no pun intended) through many housing moves over the years. I had a fan frickin tastic meal there about 15 years ago during a business trip to Nashville. While everybody else was at the Hard Rock Cafe I got a group together to go out to the Loveless. It was by far the better option and I felt like I had actually seen and tasted something real from the city. I had a great little rush of memory when I saw your photograph. Thanks!


this is brilliant. i am seriously needing some biscuits and gravy.



love love it. your blog & your list. from nc & its all so true. & how about sweet tea?!!

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