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I'm so excited to learn the Decemberists have a new album out. I'm getting it right now! Thank you. :) I also love MGMT. I'll have to check out The Black Ghosts.

Lately I've been listening to Coconut Records and Animal Collective.


I have been listening to Electric Feel by MGMT on repeat for weeks. There's something about that song that instantly puts me in a good mood. It's just *so* catchy! And, coincidentally, I just finished a really great series of books about the land of Faery and the Tuatha Dé Danann, so now I am curious to hear this Decemberists record!

jen altman

katie - share the book with us - please! ;)


The author is Karen Marie Moning, and the books are called Darkfever, Bloodfever and Faefever. There is a fourth one coming out in August which I can't wait for :D

Nicodemus Green

Boards of Canada always make me feel like I'm on a summer picnic way out in the country with my Mom when I was four. Just us and no one else.



Lykke Li will make you dance, dance dance!


i've been listening/feeling inspired by nordic music this days..finally we are none, by múm playing on loop:)

and just took note of yours! such a pity in england we can't watch you tube music videos anymore :( but going to montevideo this week, so will check there :)


I have the newest album of the Decemberists and hadn't listened to it until I read your post. It got me so excited and it truly is how you described. I do hope you'll continue to share more of your music tastes from time to time. Love the photograph you took!


I just love the Decemberists...I can't ever decide if it's the music more brilliant then the lyrics or vise versa...or if they are both amazing. Black Ghosts - FULL MOON is my favorite. I love love love it. :-) My rotation changes as often as my mood...so daily. Luckily, music is never in shortage. :-) Right now, I'm on a Blonde Redheads kick - especially their '23'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7FqUNlEdwA Always Max Richter (his music touches those nearly untouchable places in my heart)
Paris Combo for evenings with wine and LCD Soundsystem when I work out....well...for today. :-)

oil painting

that is relatively static objects depicted as the main theme of the painting.


reggae. happy hopeful reggae for a dreary drab spring day.


I keep thinking about what you're up to lady! Hope all is well...xo


I absolutely love reading of what others are listening to. Tonight I intend to preview the newest from Au Revoir Simone, Silversun Pickups, The Decemberists, and Woods, which I hear resembles the music of Bon Iver so I'm quite excited. Andrew Bird is a favourite right now as well as Akron/Family.

Your description of The Decemberists' latest is beautiful.


wow-j! i didn't realize i influenced you with the tunes! can't wait to share music on our trip and boogie down!


I couldn't agree more. Music is so critically important. I'm enjoying the Jose Gonzalez album, "Veneer." And the John Elliott album, "American in Love."

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