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I am trying to enjoy the coming spring, but aah, summer. How I love summer...


oh that linen shift is gorgeous! i am also longing for summer. :)


sweet summer indeed,with strawberry season fast approaching I cant wait.This photo of your lil one is gorgeous,you cant see her face but you know she is yearning for summer too.Great capture and heres hoping to spring coming soon!!


your blog is so beautiful.


Very early this morning, as I sat on the back step sipping my morning tea, I could hear the birds chirping in the way that indicates that the winter is just about over. I can hardly wait for the summer.

I love this photograph of your daughter, it's truly beautiful :-)

cindy : quaint

i'd be happy with spring! i loved that movie and will have to check out the soundtrack.

jen altman

carol - the birds were singing this morning here as well! it is was their call that lends to that state of mind ;)

cindy - omg!! it is one of my favorite movies EVER.


yes, please. it all reads like a lovely day.


ah yes, i hear you! i created a treasury on etsy this morning that was all about the ocean. yearning for sun&sea!


My oldest son (4 years old) has severe allergies, mainly environmental. It's too cold to go outside and play so his indoor allergies act up. When it isn'[t cold, things are blooming outside and making him itch all over. Summer is the BEST season for him. I took pictures of him today, and he had such dark circles under his eyes. :( Only a few more months until summer, I suppose.


Yes, please.


OH...that is a good soundtrack! I loved the movie too!


i'm going through summer at the moment - so hot and muggy here! all i can think about is the coming autumn (which starts today!) but i can't see the weather changing any time soon. :)
love that photograph! it's very reminiscent.

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